Trigger Point Release

Trigger Point Release

Trigger Point Release

When we have pain for example the neck and shoulder, the message goes up to the brain. The brain says “hmmm something’s wrong in the neck and shoulder. We better get the muscles to protect.” Then the muscles contract and they stay contracted. They have a bigger demand for oxygen, but they squeeze the blood vessels reducing the supply.  A lack of oxygen occurs and the muscle has to do its work with less. This in turn produces lactic acid and the muscles get sore, just like you would get after doing some heavier work than normal.

Sore muscles develop what we call trigger points, which are tight tender sore spots in the muscles. You might have heard them called knots. 

These knotted muscles stop other muscles from working resulting in what we call muscle imbalance patterns. We see many common patterns such as hunching of the shoulders, arching of the low back and poking the chin forward.

By pressing on the trigger points or by putting acupuncture needles into them the muscles relax making it easier for you to move.

Sometimes muscles get trigger points from just being loaded a bit too much, which can happen when you are sat for too long at a computer or driving a car.

When the muscle relax they don’t fight against each other. Harmony and balance are restored and you feel freer and have less pain.

Anyone can press on a trigger point, but only an expert knows which ones will give you the best results. They can be difficult to find and often some distance from where you feel the pain.

An expert Thamesway therapist will find out which trigger points to press, giving you the best results fast. Feel free to book an appointment for some effective trigger point relief.

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