Core Stability Pilates and Yoga

Core Stability Pilates and Yoga

Core Stability Pilates and Yoga

In the back and front of the tummy there are both supporting and moving muscles. Core stability is good when those supporting muscles work well and poor when they don’t.

These core muscles switch off when we have back pain, hip pain and when our pelvic muscles are out of balance. Core stability training helps restore their function and return your back to its normal self.

The principal of core stability training is to get the muscles working as close to their original ways as possible and then increasing the difficulty of the exercises while maintaining good control.

Classes like Pilates and Yoga use a variation on this theme and there is certainly some overlap between all three approaches.

An expertly trained Thamesway physiotherapist will be able to assess your proper core function and design a core stability exercise programme to best suit your particular needs, whether you’re climbing a mountain or driving a lorry.

We see many clients who come to the clinic with poorly taught core function. Come see the experts and get a properly designed core stability programme.

Sometimes finding a class with a good instructor can be a long process.  Here are a few links to some Yoga and Pilates teachers who we recommend do a top job in their given fields:

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