Therapists have been using manipulation for hundreds of years. It involves quickly opening a joint in the body, faster than the muscles can switch on to stop it, usually resulting in a click.

The click is a natural process called cavitation, where there is a rapid change in volume and a bubble is formed giving off the characteristic sound. When someone cracks their finger knuckles, this is the same process that occurs when manipulating a joint.

It all sounds so simple, but there are dangers associated with manipulating the spine and in particular the upper regions of the neck. There are some reported cases of people being injured gravely by such treatment, but these have been very rare.

Over many years it has been associated with chiropractors and osteopaths. Thamesway’s expert physiotherapists are trained to manipulate your back or neck when needed.

At Thamesway we use this manipulation cautiously and judiciously and only if you want it to happen. Your full approval and consent is always sort before manipulating your back or neck.

Manipulation is just one treatment that can help free up your spine. To use it and nothing else is a bit like trying to dig a garden with just a rake.

There are many treatments that an expert therapist can chose to help get your spine better. Remember it’s the expert behind the click that matters not just the click itself.

If your spine is stiff and sore and may need some manipulation, feel free to contact us and make an appointment to see one of our experts.

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